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Doctor with patiant having psoriasis


Psoriasis, Eczema, seborrhea, eczema, alopecia

The treatment of psoriasis in Armenia. In St. Mary’s Medical Center a full treatment of psoriasis is carried out by the best dermatologists who apply non-hormonal medications.
In this center for dermatology patients receive a professional approach, right diagnosis and full treatment. We practice an individual approach to each patient. Besides, in the department of dermatology, our patients can get information related to psoriasis treatment and causes. These pieces of advice will be vital for preserving their health and longevity.
Psoriasis is curable. There is no incurable disease, it is only necessary to apply for the right specialists. In our clinic you will get the right diagnosis and 99% of psoriasis treatment.

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Stomatology equipment


Stomatology in St. Mary’s Medical Center

Implantology, Diagnosis and Treatment
Stomatology is a branch of medicine that is very important for everybody. Nowadays, dental services are variable.
The health of your teeth and gums and your teeth whitening are our problems. Many of the main procedures of the contemporary dentistry can be described as complex technological processes where the doctor's professional qualities and experience play an important role.
One of the most important preconditions of the dental department of St. Mary’s Medical Center is that each patient is treated with a special care during any dental procedure.
Tooth restoration is a system of various technological processes, after which a patient completely that is for 100% restores the chewing function as well as the appearance of teeth.
High quality dental implants and affordable dental care are what patients need for healthy teeth and gums. Our qualified and experienced dental surgeons ensure the health, shine and whiteness of your teeth.
Are you interested in the dental services in Abovyan? Our clinic is by your side.


Professional performance of any dental procedure.
Application of the best modern equipment.
High degree of specialization of the whole medical staff.
Maximum accurate diagnosis of any dental disease.
Comprehensive approach to the treatment of teeth and gums.

Sonography equipment


What does diagnostic medical sonography give us?

Medical ultrasound does not have any negative influence on the human organism and it provides accurate information about a patient's health state at the same time. Painlessness and security make it possible to use it in different age groups, including children, pregnant and breastfeeding women. Based on the data collected from different periods, it became clear that the diagnostic dose of medical ultrasound is not accumulated (unlike radial and radionuclide effects). This allows examining patients without intervals and following the dynamics of the disease. By means of medical ultrasound, the internal organ tissue biopsy is performed which allows studying these tissues in pathomorphological laboratories. The shortness (speed) of examination, the reflection of a disease in real time, the simplicity of the preparation and performance of the procedure are considered to be some of the most important features of medical ultrasound.

The following mediacl ultrosound sonography is performed inour clinic: Kidneys, Liver, Pancreas, Heart, Blood vessels and a number of other organs

Laboratory works


Blood tests in Abovyan

Now it is possible to take clinical, biochemical, immunological blood tests, urine tests and a number of other tests in the laboratory. A blood Test Depending on the immune system, every person is subject to a certain disease. Diseases may very often or, on the contrary, very seldom be unexpected, and the “culprit” is immunity. The symptoms and diagnostics of every disease can be detected by performing laboratory tests- blood tests. The staff of the fully equipped laboratory offers people to take a blood test and to find out what health problems they have.