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Tooth Replacement

Tooth Replacement

Why is it necessary to restore dental health?

Tooth Replacement.
This method will help to restore the appearance of teeth after their loss. One of the positive sides of this method in cosmetic dentistry is that implants do not move in the mouth. Implants are fixed and there is no need to be afraid that they will come out of the mouth during eating or drinking.
It turns out that not only the esthetic side of this question is important. The place where once the tooth was located, remains without proper tension. That’s why it is exposed to atrophy over time. It can even lead to the change of facial features.


For determining the need for implantation, a patient undergoes a necessary examination by a dentist. X-ray examination of jaws is performed. This allows calculating the distance between important anatomical objects that are used to make implants. Sometimes special injections of the mouth cavity are prescribed, the thickness of the mucous membrane is determined in the place where the transplantation of the implant is performed. When several different materials are used in one procedure, bio potentiometric is prescribed. This method allows choosing the most appropriate material for a particular patient. It is also important to carry out psychological preparations for the process. Our dentists ensure that you will recover your teeth as soon as possible. They apply affordable dental implants in dental implant surgeries that are at the same time of a high quality.

The methods

The main methods are:
One-stage transgingival implantation,
• Implantation without the growth of the bone tissue.

Women's health checking


Girly, girl and woman- the periods that we undergo during our lives. In every period some internal and external changes happen.

  1. What happens in a girl’s organism during her growth?
  2. Why and for what the menstrual cycle occurs?
  3. How should it be, how long and how intensive?
  4. For what reasons can the menstrual cycle be painful?
  5. Breasts grow (mammary glands). How to follow them properly?
  6. Can there be nipple discharge and why?
  7. Why do inflammatory processes in the vagina occur? How to treat them correctly?
  8. What is the cervical erosion? Is it dangerous or not?
  9. Agree on the inflammation or there are other means?
  10. Diseases that are transmitted through sexual contact. From where do they originate and how to treat them?
  11. What are the ways to avoid unwanted pregnancies?
  12. A horrible word – ABORTION (intentional end of pregnancy). Can we avoid it?
  13. What are the consequences of that process?
  14. Which types of contraceptives are there?
  15. The mechanisms of their effects and their consequences on the organism.

These are some of the questions that arise in every girl, the answers to which are not given during women’s consultations. From where is it possible to gain knowledge and appropriate materials about women’s health? Who will teach one to live in a way to avoid applying for women’s health clinics? Ask your mother? But it seems to us that she knows too little about it.
It is easier to maintain good health than it is to recover it. It is never possible to recover health completely. That’s why it is necessary to learn to maintain it and make your children get used to that.
You will get the answers of all these questions in St. Mary’s Medical Center. If you need women’s health advice, you can visit us. Our professional and caring staff is waiting for you.